TEDxMICA 2018 was held at the MICA Campus on February 11, 2018. TEDxMICA, the organizing committee of MICA brought together some of the most exciting speakers to host a plethora of inspirational talks. The theme for this year’s event was “Consonance”, where all the speakers shared some of the most important and interesting chapters of their lives with the audience. Celebrities like Sandeep Singh, Malishka Mendonsa, and Dipannita Sharma were amongst the 12 speakers of the event. Sandeep Singh, the legendary hockey player spoke about how a ‘winner’ is a lot more than just a person who consistently works hard and delivers results. He also emphasized how qualities like perseverance, humility, and honor are some of the most important qualities an individual should have within themselves. Dipannita Sharma, a model, actor, and entrepreneur shared with dignified grit and playful satire how modeling as a profession is still not given the respect it deserves. She further went on to speak about redefining fashion in today’s age and time. Malishka Mendonsa, the voice behind the much celebrated and popular show “Morning No 1” urged the audience to pause and reflect how attention has become an expensive commodity in today’s world. The event gained huge popularity amongst the public and the hashtag #TEDxMICA went nationally trending during the day. The success of this year’s event can be measured by how till date, students continue to reflect on the topics raised and discussed throughout that day. As organizers, we are extremely proud to have delivered on our promise of inspiring minds and wish to continue with this endeavor of ours in the years to come.